Huckleberry growing indeed! Huck is 12 pounds! A regular little chubbette! Doctors seem very happy with how he is progressing….one doctor called him an “unusal NICU graduate” because he has gained so much weight on just breast milk. (Maybe that’s because he nurses all the time? I am basically his milk slave.)
The therapist that came over yesterday also let us know that “everything looks great” so far. So we are thrilled!

Month two.

"Hmmm, what an interesting thought!"

"And I'm spent."

1st month home!

Do you give me milk??

Huck apparently doesn't realize where the milk comes from quite yet!

milk drunk.

Huckleberry is HOME! (jkljerjncvbghh!!!!!) (Alternative Title: Harvesting Huckleberry)

WE ARE SO HAPPY!! Alex really wanted to do a picture with Huck in one of our harvest crates with carrots and spinach, and he’d be holding a harvest knife (get it? WE HARVESTED HIM from our FIELD!), but I vetoed it. Here are a few pix in no particular order of his release from the hospital! More pictures to come! (Warning: it may be Huck as a head of cabbage. What? Farmer humor!)

He is on oxygen and a monitor, and thanks to comments from other preemie moms, I am not as scared to have them here, although they are truly a pain in the ass. The monitor went off several times the last two nights. (They were false alarms, because the leads had scooted down off his chest onto his diaper. He is a very squirmy baby.) Anyway! I have not had any sleep in the past two nights! I have had two cups of coffee! I am high as a kite!

Alex doing his best Huck impression

Huck doing his best Alex impression

Huck being swallowed by his carseat

Well, not quite yet.

So, Huck did not get to come home yesterday.

Yesterday morning was a manic one, Alex and I both trying to get the apartment ready as best we could (“Did we vacuum this rug enough?…LET’S JUST VACUUM IT AGAIN!”). We were actually washing the floor and figuring out where to put these huge oxygen tanks that were delivered to us when my cell phone rang, blinking “NICU”. I guess I really had let my hopes soar within the last couple of days, because I honestly thought it would be one of his doctors calling to simply say, “All set! Come on down and pick up this baby!”. But that was not the phonecall.

Instead, it was Dr. George calling to tell us that Huck failed the monitor test last night by having a apena spell. It was not a bad spell–he had stopped breathing for about 30 seconds, which was not terrible–and he only had one. But it was enough of a reason to keep him there longer.

My general NICU mantra is ‘please don’t cry, please don’t cry, please don’t cry’, which fails me often, and this time was no different. I am glad that they are being cautious, I really am–I guess I just really had fixated on the idea of him finally being with us and didn’t really let myself think he would not pass the test.

But they are starting the test again today, and it has to run for three more days (no more spells, Huck, please!). If he passes THIS time, the soonest he can come home is Monday. I am trying not to get too excited this time, but I guess I can’t really help it.

Update time!

I know, I need more pictures! We tried a couple of days ago and our camera batteries went dead. Pix are coming, don’t worry. But lately, the simplest of chores–buying new batteries, for instance–is a struggle and a great accomplishment if it indeed gets done.

Thanks as always for everyone’s support. Truly. I know I am late in saying it, but everyone’s comments, emails, etc. mean a lot to us!

The good news is that Huck is doing very well! I have gotten my breast milk to soar new heights, thanks to herbs, pharmaceuticals and becoming a pumping psycho. He had to go on formula for a while, but we are on all breast milk now. We are having to train him to nurse. Since his mouth is small and, well, since HE is small, it takes a lot of effort from him. He gets tired and falls asleep often, where I then have to wake him up and try to get him going again. It takes a while. We are getting there, however!

I have been spending my whole days at the hospital. Alex comes when he can, but he is insanely busy with the farm, so it is usually every few days. I am there to breast feed at least a few times.

The doctors actually told me today that they would like to see him discharged within a week, and the soonest he could come home would be THURSDAY! I was pretty shocked, actually. I mean, that’s like, in three days! He will come home on oxygen and a monitor, which sounds nerve-racking but who cares at this point–we just want him home! The doctors explained that he is just having trouble shaking the oxygen habit. I am not sure how long he will have to stay on, but, hopefully, along with all of his meds he’s taking, it won’t be much longer and he can be meds-and-oxygen tank-free. But as they keep telling us in the NICU, it’s up to him. (I have whispered in his ear several times that if he could please get off this oxygen, that would be great.)

So that is the exciting update!! He is so close I can taste his little baby essence in this room! Also, for those in the Chicago area, since we did not get to have a baby shower, we will be, at some point when we feel it is a good idea, have a homecoming party. Details to come!


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